So it’s nearly the end of 2017. The last month or so has been a tough one (health wise) and looking at my bucket list, I’m more eager than ever to try and tick some things off while I can! So I’m calling on the power of social media, whilst I’m busy saving and kicking some C.F. ass, if anyone can help or knows of anyone that can help me to get closer to ticking off an activity please email me and let me know 🙂 

Email: jodie_dean14@live.co.uk 

Ticked off so far…

So as you will notice I already have a few things ticked off my list, so I thought I’d share these experiences with you so you can have a nosey and who knows, you may be inspired to do them too!

7. Go skydiving…


Back in July 2011 I decided to jump out of a plan for charity, I have to say its hands down one of the most amazing feeling’s to know I have done this. My good friend Joanne Hughes organised the day in aid of Breath for life. This is a charity that was initially set up by Joanne and others to help all Stoke CF patients to get a dedicated CF ward in the Royal Stoke hospital. We raised a huge amount that day and although we were not able to get the ward we wanted, it helped a lot towards having dedicated CF rooms and it also helped to make the ward a little nicer for patients.

Obviously, skydiving comes with risks, the biggest one for me is having the lungs to support the free fall, I had no doubt I would be fine but still had to be signed off by my consultant, luckily for me, they were very supportive.

It’s hard to explain the feeling of sitting on the edge of that plane with a stranger attached to my back, all I can remember is pure excitement, not one bit of me was nervous. It was amazing, pure adrenaline, I would say to anyone who is considering it, just do it, you won’t regret it.

8. Swim with dolphins…


Who wouldn’t have this on their bucket list?! Every child dreams of doing this one day surely? Growing up I always thought I would never be able to go somewhere ‘exotic’ and fulfill this dream, luckily for me, I and my better half went to Mexico this April 2017. I have to say, I underestimated how good it would be, the whole experience felt very surreal and I couldn’t believe I was actually in the water surrounded by these beautiful creatures, they were so clever, so interactive and a lot of fun. You are never too old to do this!

12. Swim with sea turtles…


In Mexico, we couldn’t help but buy some snorkels and explore, the experience of swimming in between thousands of bright colorful fish is amazing, we booked a day trip on a catamaran and never did I think we would be snorkeling up close and personal with these giant sea turtles! We were told about a family of sea turtles in a certain area of the sea, never do you think you will actually see them never mind swim beside them! We captured this image on our Go Pro, another unforgettable experience and another tick on my list!

32. Jump into an underground cenote…


This is the freezing cold, fresh water cenote I jumped into, again in Mexico. (Mexico helped my bucket list a lot!) To get to the bottom of this cenote there were about 100 steps, hearing this put me off, I could get down the steps fine, but climbing back up would be a different matter! I was gutted because I knew I would never get the opportunity again, so off Liam went on his own, feeling down because we wanted to experience this together, then I had a thought, you know what, even if it takes me 2 hours climb back up these steps, I have to do this. So down I went to join Liam and instead of jumping getting in like most, I decided what the hell and climbed up to jump off a rock into it! Again, an unforgettable experience, mainly because I’m sure I knew how Rose and Jack on the Titanic felt! Unreal experience, I recommend it highly!

So that’s it, your all up to date with where I am on the list… who knows where my next adventure will be!

My Bucket List

So here it is, my ever- growing bucket list, I started this many years ago as a teenager and been lucky enough to tick some off already. I should probably explain why my bucket list is so important to me… I have Cystic Fibrosis, for those who have not heard of this generic illness, it’s a life-limiting, life-shortening disease that gets worse the older I become.

I have lost many friends who have the same illness as me, all of them between 20- 31 years old, their life ending before it barely began. I want to be able to say ‘I did this’ instead of, ‘I wished I had done that’.

Anyway, this blog is not about my CF, it’s about making every day count and pushing myself to chase my dreams, so here’s the list, in no particular order, I hope you enjoy reading about me ticking each one off!

  1. Go to a music festival
  2. Visit the USA
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Go ice skating in Central Park NYC
  5. Go skydiving check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  6. Swim with dolphins check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  7. Learn to salsa dance
  8. Walk with elephants check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  9. Be on a TV show
  10. Swim with sea turtles check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  11. Do a boudoir photo shootcheck_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  12. Meet someone famous
  13. Be in a newspaper/ magazine
  14. Visit Ireland for St. Patricks Day
  15. Climb the stairs in the Eiffel tower
  16. Learn to play poker
  17. Ride a horse
  18. Learn to ride a motorbike
  19. Visit a Xmas market in Europe
  20. Attend a masquerade ball
  21. Write a short story
  22. Learn a magic trick
  23. Get hypnotised
  24. Attend a big Halloween party
  25. Do a Xmas box for the homeless
  26. Go to the circus check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  27. Travel first class
  28. Go on a safari
  29. Make a significant change in a strangers life
  30. Jump into an underground cenote check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  31. Go to see a famous comedian in stand up