My Bucket List

So here it is, my ever- growing bucket list, I started this many years ago as a teenager and been lucky enough to tick some off already. I should probably explain why my bucket list is so important to me… I have Cystic Fibrosis, for those who have not heard of this generic illness, it’s a life-limiting, a life-shortening disease that gets worse the older I become.

I have lost many friends who have the same illness as me, all of them between 20- 31 years old, their life ending before it barely began. I want to be able to say ‘I did this’ instead of, ‘I wished I had done that’.

Anyway, this blog is not about my CF, it’s about making every day count and pushing myself to chase my dreams, so here’s the list, in no particular order, I hope you enjoy reading about me ticking each one off!

  1. Go to a music festival
  2. Visit the USA
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Become a mum
  5. Get married
  6. Go ice skating in Central Park NYC
  7. Go skydiving check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  8. Swim with dolphins check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  9. Learn to salsa dance
  10. Walk with elephants check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  11. Be on a TV show
  12. Swim with sea turtles check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  13. Do a boudoir photo shootcheck_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  14. Meet someone famous
  15. Be in a newspaper/ magazine
  16. Visit Ireland for St. Patricks Day
  17. Climb the stairs in the Eiffel tower
  18. Learn to play poker
  19. Ride a horse
  20. Learn to ride a motorbike
  21. Visit a Xmas market in Europe
  22. Attend a masquerade ball
  23. Write a short story
  24. Learn a magic trick
  25. Get hypnotised
  26. Attend a big Halloween party
  27. Do a Xmas box for the homeless
  28. Go to the circus check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  29. Travel first class
  30. Go on a safari
  31. Make a significant change in a strangers life
  32. Jump into an underground cenote check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  33. Go to see a famous comedian in stand up
  34. Visit a sky bar in Bangkok check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256
  35. Roadtrip to France